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Premium Trivia Database with 500,000+ Questions

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Trivia Database

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Trivia Database

Multiple Choice Trivia

250,000 multiple choice questions in the trivia database. Includes tags & difficulty grading.

Image Trivia

25,000 image & trivia questions includes image asset + multiple choice quiz. Images available under creative comms license.

Trivia Database

Personality Trivia

25,000 personality games, including popular topics across TV, Film, Music & Social Media.

Trivia Database

Puzzle Trivia

10,000 puzzles ideal for brain training and IQ trivia. Includes image with question and answer.

Who we are

Mobile Ready Trivia Database

The Trivia Database is a technology company that licenses trivia. We built a database from the ground up with verified, modern trivia. Trivia is a commodity online and off, whether you’re looking to reduce the time it takes to release a trivia app, increase dwell time on your website by offering games or host a live event featuring trivia questions, we can help! We work with businesses of every size – from new startups to public companies – who use our database for their products and services.

Our industry-leading database has been written with mobile in mind, the character count and writing style suits mobile and tablet devices where 88% of trivia is consumed. Over the 10 years that we’ve been licensing trivia content, new formats have come and gone, so whether you’re looking for trivia for a book, board game, app, website, live event or the next virtual reality project we can help.

Our database is divided by region, we cater not just for the US markets but also have content that is prime for Europe, UAE, India & Asia. Get in touch and one of our team can talk you through your options.

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Step 1

Choose Your Topics

Our trivia database is created for the mobile generation. With over 700 subtopics from within our 16 main topics, whether you’re after Social Media Stars, Pop Musicians or the latest Blockbuster Movie trivia our database will suit your needs.

Find out if we have the topics you’re after, if not our cost-effective writing team can cover your needs.

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Trending Trivia Topics

Step 2

Choose your delivery format

The Trivia Database is the fastest growing trivia licensing platform. We’ve become that by working closely with our customers to output the content in ways they need. Content from our database can be output in 7 different formats so you can be assured its ready for the project you have in mind.
Trivia Database
Step 3

Choose your difficulty

Trivia Packs to Drive Engagement

Ensuring your gameplay maintains and promotes engagements is key to a successful project. If you know what difficulty split you need that’s great. Alternatively let us know your intended audience and what the project is for and we can advise.  With a team of specialist trivia licensors we’re well placed to advise and this final step can make all the difference.

Once these 3 steps are complete our team will pull the content from our database that fits your brief and your project will be up and running. No hassle, no fuss!

Trivia Database

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Find out how The Trivia Database can be the backbone for your quiz needs. Speak to one of our sales agents for custom package pricing.

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Know what you need and just want a quote? No problems. Don’t know what would work best for your project? Talk to one of our trivia specialists who can help design a custom package for your project. We accept orders of any size and we guarantee the best prices on the market so get in touch today.

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Choose Topics

We’ll share our topic lists, with over 700 subtopics and growing, you can choose what works for you, we’re confident we’ll have what you need.

Choose Delivery Format

Whether you’re hosting a pub quiz and want a PDF or you’re looking to drop in to an app build and need a JSON file. We’ve got you covered!